The Escapists: Complete Edition Review

by Niki Birkedahl | October 19, 2018 7:00 am

Developed by Mouldy Toof Studios
Published by Team17
Reviewed on Switch (also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC)

Everyone always says they have that one friend they can imagine breaking out of prison with. Who knows if it will really work or if the person you chose will actually be helpful, but it’s something everyone has thought of at least once. Well, with The Escapists: Complete Edition, you can make this a reality, and see which of your friends will be a good possible ally and which would be more of a hindrance. 

The Escapists: Complete Edition is a multiplayer game for the Nintendo Switch that sees just how well you can escape from prison. With the use of the joy cons or online play, up to four players can attempt to work together and escape the facility their characters are being held in. Like many puzzle type games, there are several different prisons you can choose to escape from and as you get further and further into them, the harder they get. Each map has to be tackled a different way, for example, some prisons will have guard towers where it’s easier to get spotted, some, like the train level, allow you to roam around more freely as long as you keep with your daily routine.

The game puts in a few different ways for you to successfully escape and even gives you a few hints. How you and your friends decide to escape ultimately is up to you. You can attempt to go all Metal Gear Solid and do a complete sneak through of the map. You can craft items to help you against guards and even go to the library and read books to up your intelligence stats. The game does well in connecting these all in, and you can earn money through prison jobs in order to purchase craftable items. Having multiple ways to escape was fun to experiment with. Each level is unique, so, trying to figure out the best means of escape was fun to contemplate. Of course, working with a team can be more difficult then working alone, considering your method to escape has to be agreed upon.

The game has different forms of multiplayer, so if you don’t have friends over you can always play online co-op. As mentioned earlier, it also has classic local co-op. If you feel like fighting against each other you can try the Versus mode, which is basically a race to see who can get out of the prison the fastest. The Switch utilizes the split screen, so it makes it decently easy to see. This version includes all five DLC packs making this a great value for first time players. 

There isn’t really much of a story to The Escapists: Complete Edition, but honestly that is okay since it would be a bit strange if it also had a deep story with it. The tutorial prison map does have a little story: a prisoner talks to you about why he is there and how to escape. There are some funny jokes and dialogue in the game along with some good movie references that will have you laughing. The graphics are simple with colorful pixels and interesting maps for you to play in. The characters are cute and delightful that can also be customized.

The Escapists: Complete Edition is a fun game to play. If you just have a few minutes to sit down and do something or have friends over, it’s a perfect time to try out this game. It’s a simple, fun, and challenging puzzle game that will give you hours of entertainment.

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