Arcade1UP Cabinets… Are They Worth The Value?

As a small child in the 80’s, I have always wanted my own Arcade machine. Something that cannot be easily done…. Until now. Arcade1UP is a company that decided to help bring the Arcade experience home with smaller ¾ size arcade cabinets which include multiple games. They released their first set of cabinets in Fall 2018 which includes: Street Fighter II collection, Rampage Midway collection, Asteroids Atari collection, Centipede Atari collection, Pac-Man collection and a Galaga collection. Their 2019 collection includes recently announced Marvel Capcom collection, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection, and a Star Wars Atari collection.

Recently Announced Star Wars cabinet w/ pilot yolk and Riser

These little machines will run you an average of $299.99 a cabinet with some exceptions. Since the arcade cabinets are 3/4th the size, you may have to be seated to play unless you’re a child. Arcade1UP remedies this by releasing a Riser for about $40-50 that will allow you to increase the height. It rises the machine by a foot allowing for taller players to play in traditional arcade fashion. The arcade cabinets themselves are fairly easy to build and takes roughly 40 minutes to make. The build quality of the cabinets are great and don’t feel flimsy. The controls however aren’t the best though. They get the job done and feel OK, but they are no Sanwa or HAPP quality sticks/buttons. You can definitely upgrade these by swapping your own buttons in the machine. It very easy to access the controls to change the buttons and stick to a more preferable brand.

Once built, the navigation to the games are very simple to control. A very nice touch is the power button and volume adjuster right on the control panel. The volume comes in three settings: mute, low and high. Both low and high setters are actually fairly loud which is disappointing. Personally, I think a simple slider to adjust the volume would be better. It would feel like the player has a little more control on volume. Once booted up, you are greeted with a menu allowing you to choose your game. Choose a game is and you are good to go! To reset your game all you do is hold in the Player 2 button and to go back to the menu you hold in the Player 1 button. One thing to not about the games is many arcade games are all about High Scores, most of the Arcade1UP cabinets will save your High Scores even after you turn off the machine, but a couple sadly will not.

All in all these are great little machines to have in the house. They give you that arcade experience at a reasonable price, and this is coming from someone who owns multiple full size arcades. Personally, I have purchased six units so far and plan on buying two more this fall (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel). These Arcade1UP cabinets are both great for play and a conversation piece. I can’t wait to see what new ideas and cabinets the company has planned for the future.

Coming Soon, Arcade1UP tabletop Street Fighter Cabinets. At E3 2019
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