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Cosplay Noobs: A Beginners guide to contacts

I am making a segment on future cosplayers “The More You Know” Segment called Cosplay Noobs. In the very first episode, I discuss the proper way to clean and store your cosplay contact lenses.        

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NyuNyu’s Puffy Sleeve Tutorial

  Hello everybody! I am back with a brand new tutorial video! In this video, I show the step by step process on making a puffy sleeves.         

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Nyu Nyu’s Bootcover Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, NyuNyu shows you how to make bootcovers from stretch vinyl and a slip-on shoe. You can make anything from ankle to thigh-high boots with this method!  

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How to dreadlock a wig

This short video tutorial, by “JouninK Cosplay”, demonstrates how to dreadlock a wig (long and short wigs) for cosplay. Like, share, and comment below!    

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Wig Dying with FW Ink

This is a 2 part video tutorial by “JouninK Cosplay”, on how to dye a synthetic wig using FW ink.

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