Brawlout Review

Developed by Angry Mob Games
Published by Angry Mob Games
Reviewed on PC (also available on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One)

For the most part, Brawlout is an alternative to other mascot fighting games like Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All Star Battle Royale. Players fight on a 2D plane against up to 3 other players and attempt to knock them off the stage. There are plenty of characters with a roster of 16 including unlockables and 8 stages. Unfortunately the game feels clunky to play and while there are plenty of characters to use with, most are required to be unlocked before use. The only way to unlock them is to play and collect in game coins to purchase them. Unlike the other games where the core game itself is fun to play and working to unlock hidden characters is fun, Brawlout feels like it’s nothing but work.

The characters themselves had some interesting abilities but there are no appeal to these characters. What makes many other mascot character fighting games enjoyable is playing with your favorite character to beat up other well known characters. This includes well known characters like Mario in Super Smash Bros, Parappa the Rapper in PlayStation All Stars, or even Samurai Jack in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion. However Brawlout characters are purely original to the game. There are a couple of guest characters as well but the mascots only best represent a different style to play in fighting games. While there’s a character for you whether you play rush down or prefer grapplers, the characters themselves didn’t feel very interesting in a mascot type fighting game.

This game feels like it’s for an extremely niche group of gamers who look at mascot fighting games at the same level as Street Fighter or Tekken. Where the characters aren’t the main focus, but the overall feel of the game. If you’re a person who would rather play Super Smash Bros Melee above all else then this game may be fun for a while. However, you’d have much more fun just digging up a copy of Melee again specially since the game doesn’t control very well.

Overall, its hard to recommend getting Brawlout. Sure it is a mascot fighter game with active support.  However there are plenty of other games in this genre that you can get into that are more enjoyable. Perhaps Brawlout can improve its gameplay and controls, but only time will tell at this point.


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