Close 2 Immortality: Post Mortem is coming to Kickstarter!


A dark and twisted survival comic illustrated in all its gory detail.
Post Mortem the comic book series is the brainchild of Phil Woodward and his team of like-minded enthusiasts who all share a passion for carnage and gore. Together we are aiming to raise $2500 through Kickstarter, where we have methodically crafted a campaign that will provide our backers with gratifying rewards and in turn Bring to life the chaos and macabre we envisioned.

The Story
What would you do if you woke up dazed, in an unfamiliar place, paralyzed and incapable of making the simplest of sounds?. Plunged into a blood soaked hell with nothing but a barrage of terrifying questions, Unable to establish whether you’re dreaming or facing a chilling reality.
An eerie concept which cements the foundation of our first issue. A story of survival and mortality all entwined with some vile surgical procedures. Amidst disturbing illustrations, this gruesome ordeal establishes a new waypoint on the path to pathological fear.


The Preview

The time had come to breathe life into our brainchild. We hooked up the electrodes and flipped the switch. One thunderous zap and frightening illustrations of our hard work were born. The Harvesting arose in all its glory. A short comic (16 Pages) designed to provide a window to the realm of Post Mortem. A genuinely vivid portrayal of our thoughts, which would set the tone for future releases.


The Team

Involved in the Project are Phil Woodward and William Wismer the gruesome twosome writing team, Jaime Martinez the penciller and inker behind comics Cursed Land, After The Crumble and Roman Ritual, Santiago Ramos the colorist behind Brethren Born #2 and Mindy Lopkin the letterer behind Terminus at Fenton’s Green, Toxic Storm and Username: Evie.

The Campaign

So we’ve got this fantastic idea, we’ve got this fantastic team, So why Kickstarter? Well we collectively believe that crowdfunding is a solid foundation for imagination, funded by the community and driven by people who want to provide and offer support.
The Post Mortem campaign will go live on March 13th where you can donate to or support our cause
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it has given you some insight into the project and look forward to interacting with each and every one of you.
For more information on the project or if you would like a review copy contact Producer Phil Woodward on [email protected]