Fairy Tail November Recap

The first chapter of Fairy Tail in November, actually seems to go back in time to fill in some loose ends. In a previous chapter, Kyouka has already perished but I suppose Mashima decided to add a bit more development to flesh out Tartaros’ true purpose. Honestly, this was a bit confusing since I thought that her presence in the manga had already been extinguished, and suddenly she’s back in her fight with Erza again right after she released her curse. Mard Geer decides to tell the dragonslayers the real purpose of the demon books that Zeref created. END is Zeref’s greatest creation and is sealed away by magic, therefor with no magic END will be freed. Just as Mard Geer is about to launch another offensive attack, he is countered by the arrival of Gray and his newly inherited Ice demonslayer magic.
2Gray racks up the combo hits as his new power up proves to be very useful in fighting the demon. Unfortunately, his assault is halted by the arrival of another member of Tartaros, newly inducted Jiemma the previous master of Sabertooth. The twin dragonslayers decide to find their resolve to defeat their old guildmate, while Natsu and Gray handle Mard Geer in his awakened demon form. I find it pretty interesting that the pairs have a correlation, holy and shadow or fire and ice.
Mard Geer’s plant based organic attacksAs Sting and Rouge take on Jiemma, the former guild master laments about how pitiful and weak they are as he toys with them. The twin dragonslayers build up fortitude by aspiring to rebuild their guild to be like Fairy Tail, a respectable rolemodel. After a struggle both teams, Fairy Tail and Sabertooth, are able to flip the tables on their adversaries and reclaim a offensive footing in their fight   don’t seem to stand up much at all to Natsu’s fire and Gray’s ice. The Tartaros leader explains that magic was the precursor to the more evolved curses, that are based on negative foundations. Mard Geer pulls his ultimate move, Memento Mori, and unleashes it upon Natsu and Gray. They are overwhelmed in a blast of suffering which dissipates into nothingness. So where did they go? They certainly won’t perish in this manner.