Giga Wrecker Review

Developed by Game Freak
Published by Game Freak
Reviewed on PC


Giga Wrecker is Game Freak’s latest venture into the 2D action platforming genre. Much like Game Freak’s previous titles such as Pulseman and Drill Dozer, Giga Wrecker features vibrant characters and accessible mechanics. Its a unique spin on puzzle solving action is consistently captivating and entertaining.

At its core, Giga Wrecker involves traversing rooms by solving physics based puzzles. The protagonist Reika can absorb debris from enemies and the environment, which allows her to use skills to reach new areas. These skills range from creating new platforms to dynamically affecting terrain. The process of acquiring debris and deploying skills becomes an engaging endeavor in each new area.

The game takes steps to remain accessible while providing a variety of challenges. By gradually introducing new skills and obstacles, the game never feels overbearing or overwhelming. However, conquering puzzles requires observation and planning. Rooms generally include a range of hazards and platforms can fall out of place if tackled haphazardly. The diverse enemies also frequently impede progress with varying resistance to Reika’s attacks. Solving puzzles often requires trial and error; it may be necessary to retry rooms several times. These rooms are ingeniously crafted as almost every element is a visual cue that points towards a correct solution.

Although the game requires reaching specific destinations to advance the main scenario, it also encourages exploring the world map as well. Certain rooms branch off from the main path, and completing these optional rooms grants opportunities to customize skills’ visuals and attributes. While such customization generally does not have a substantial effect on game progression, it can still provide a fun diversion on top of the default skillset. Some unlockable visuals are extremely whimsical and amusing to see in action.

Furthermore, the game occasionally presents boss fights that are entertaining yet conventional. Every boss has a unique arsenal of devastating attack patterns, and survival frequently requires quick dodges and specific counters. It can sometimes take a bit of persistence to learn and overcome certain attacks’ behavior. While these fights provide fast paced thrills, they can feel relatively routine compared to the rest of the game.

The game’s presentation demonstrates an admirable level of craftsmanship. Areas’ backgrounds are colorful and detailed, and their color palettes often create a sense of chaos. Cutscenes consist of wonderfully created still images that are full of dynamic angles and poses. The enemies’ mechanical designs diverse, and it can be fascinating just watching their movements and attacks. At times the debris and on screen objects can be a tad dazzling, but essential puzzle solving cues are clearly visible and easy to spot. On the other hand, a handful of visual elements are not quite as visually engaging as other elements of the game. While the menus, health bars, and dialogue boxes are functional, their basic rectangular appearance lack visual flair.

Similarly, the sound design is respectable and always accompanies the game in a fitting manner. Explosions feel satisfying and falling objects create resonant clanking sounds. Functional voice samples accompany each of Reika’s actions, and they never feel tiresome after solving puzzles for hours on end. Boss voice clips help maintain the pace of battle, and they sometimes provide helpful cues before they attack. Each of the songs fits its respective area well, and bosses each have a unique upbeat track that sets a frenetic pace.

Giga Wrecker’s story is straightforward, yet it becomes increasingly engrossing and possesses plenty of charm. In a departure from Game Freak’s previous cartoonish settings, Giga Wrecker is set in a world full of ruined urban structures and mysterious technology. As Reika desperately fights to liberate humanity from its mechanical oppressors, she encounters a few characters with exuberant personalities and distinct personal agendas. She and the rest of the cast generally do not stray far from established archetypes, but their interactions consistently provide a source of amusement. The way the plot dramatically unfolds via sudden revelations and twists is consistently entertaining, and it is well worth following until the very end.

Giga Wrecker provides a compelling 2D platforming adventure full of well crafted puzzles and dynamic thrills. Traversing the game’s well crafted levels is a joyful time, and Game Freak has created a world worth exploring and experiencing.