Momo Kyun Sword Review

Momo Kyun Sword


  There are many tv shows, movies, books and video games that end up coming into the light that you may look at first glance and wonder, “Why is this a thing?” But then you may decide to give it a chance anyway, just because you may have been taught to never judge something just based on their appearance. Then you might think, “Okay, this might actually work out and be good if you look past the cliches and pandering…” and so you give it another chance. Before you know it, you’re almost done with the whole thing and you figure, “I’m almost done anyway, I might as well finish it now!” But you know what’s waiting for you at the end of that road and you know you probably not going to like it but you power through and finish it anyway. In case you missed the title of this post, no this isn’t about the end of Naruto, this is about Momo Kyun Sword. Momo-Kyun-Sword

Momo Kyun Sword is about a special young girl named Momo and her three animal companions’ quest to find the broken shards of the Peach Jewel before the demons of the underworld collect them and take over the world. Momo has the ability to fuse with each of her companions in order to give her a boost in her fighting ability which she would use towards the end of each episode to inevitably save the day. After a while however, is easy to forget what the actual plot is because there are several filler episodes that start up not more that three episodes in. In fact, nearly a quarter to half of the whole series actually has nothing to do with the main reason why Momo left to go on her adventure in the first place. Many different shows might have an episode where the characters go to the beach, or a hot springs just for a chance to see everyone in swimsuits, but this show actually does everything in the short twelve episodes that there are. You get a beach episode with everyone in swimsuits, a hot springs episode where everyone’s clothes get stolen, even an episode where half or the cast becomes a pop idol group instead of focusing on finding those jewel shards mentioned before. Momo Kyun Sword has a hard time staying with the plot, much less keeping the viewer interested in what was supposed to be going on. If the fate of the world rested on who gets the jewel shards then why did they take so many detours during their trip in the first place? momo02

The show is about as good as you would probably think it would be by just looking at it. It’s definitely an ecchi anime, so you can expect more jiggle than a Jello factory and more fan service than any adolescent boy would know what to do with. Which is a little weird, since looking at the anime, whenever there are scenes where combat is happening on screen, they are not afraid to cut corners in the animation, barely showing any movement unless it’s with the scenes with Momo transformed. However, even at that point it’s mostly reused animation from the episodes where each form was introduced. From the actual transformation sequence to the final attack, it’s like the majority of the budget went to the constant use of still images of the characters posing in various and awkward, suggestive positions. Sure there are shows that do this worse than Momo Kyun Sword, (Google: Queen’s Blade… but maybe not if you’re either at work or with your parents around) but there are still many episodes where this frequently occurs. The worst it ever gets is actually the final fight. Without going too far into spoilers, the climactic final battle was nothing but a series of streaming lights and a slow pan away from where the characters were standing!

momo3 In the end, I would say only watch this anime if you have nothing in your backlog or if you’re a glutton for less than mediocre anime with lots of T&A. The show could’ve been good if they worked on the plot a little more and spent more money on actual animation. Maybe it could be useful for some background noise when you’re in the middle of doing something else, but just know that there are much better shows out there than Momo Kyun Sword.

Overall Score: 3/10

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