I Am Setsuna coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in July

I Am Setsuna coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in July

SquareEnix’s grand “return to form” JRPG I Am Setsuna received a healthy dose of exposure over the weekend in a special livestream event, and the prolific company finally confirmed what its fans wanted to hear: a release date! I Am Setsuna will be coming to North American shores on July 19 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

SquareEnix is hyping this as a classic JRPG for the modern age, and it isn’t even on a mobile platform! Many are pointing towards the eternal masterpiece of the genre, ChronoTrigger, as the closest reference point. Even SquareEnix name drops the classic in its own description.

New character illustrations, revealing details of the heroine Setsuna and her bodyguard Endir, were also released. Endir, the main playable character, is a skilled mercenary whose destiny is changed upon meeting Setsuna.

I am Setsuna offers beautiful art and game design that harken back to Japanese role-playing game classics of yesteryear, and includes various features inspired by legendary titles from the golden era of JRPGs, such as Chrono Trigger’s memorable battle system.

I Am Setsuna will be released for the Playstation 4 and PC. North America will not be getting the PS Vita version.


Setsuna - 202


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