Sine Mora EX Review

Sine Mora EX Review
Developed by Digital Reality; Grasshopper Manufacture
Published by THQ Nordic
Reviewed on PlayStation 4 (Also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora EX is a modern console take on the 2.5D bullet hell genre brought to us by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture, with the EX indicating that title has been improved over its initial PS3/360/iOS/Vita release. Sine Mora EX is a story of two separate rebel factions of anthropomorphic animals conspiring to destroy The Empire.

Atypical from most modern bullet hell side scrollers, Sine Mora EX operates on a time-attack style healthpool. You’re allocated a set time per section, and taking hits decreases the time; run out of time and you die. This mechanic is paired with increasingly more intense waves of enemy bullet patterns and more ruthless bosses. Thankfully, beating a stage’s boss unlocks a training mode against said boss, allowing you to perfect a pattern or setup.

Sine Mora EX‘s character designs and mecha designs stand out as such fantastic examples of how memorable designs don’t necessarily mean complex designs. Ronotra Koss, one of the rebel protagonists, is instantly a more memorable character for him having been a bipedal water buffalo. Each screen is full of detail, too much detail at times, when you think about the actual bullet dodging you need to accomplish.

Sine Mora’s initial release of the game kept the voice overs as Hungarian only, an artistic choice; the EX release added English voice acting. Having played with both voices enabled, both felt well suited to the atmosphere of the story itself.

Sine Mora EX

16out of 5
12out of 5
18out of 5
16.5out of 5


Sine Mora EX is a great game with some difficulty issues apparent to most people familiar with bullet-hell genres. The plot is tied up nicely with a diverging story involving time travel.


3.98 out of 5

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