Storm #1 Review

Storm #1


Written by Greg Pak
Art by Victor Ibanez
Color by Ruth Redmond
The Storm rider gets her very own and much deserved self title and it is certainly worth a read.  Storm is one of the strongest female characters (In my opinion) in the entire Marvel Universe so I was very pleased to pick up her comic and share in her adventures. I am happy to report I was not disappointed.

Ororo Munroe is currently the headmistress of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. Along with being leader to one of the many X-teams, she flies a couple of solo missions as well. She has her hands full to say the least.
storm-1-panel-greg-pak-670x1016With Wolverine gone, Quentin Quire and Kid Omega are causing trouble and her work to pile up.  And that is where our story starts out.

Storm is seen in her casual every day clothes high above the clouds looking at the island below reminiscing on things of the past.  And after a bit of badgering, she does her magical girl transformation and the X-man is ready to stop the giant Tsunami from destroying the poor villagers and their home.   After being booted out she goes home to find herself in another mess before the first mess was even cleaned up!  But the Princess of N’Dare is strong.  Do you think she can handle it or will she collapse? You’ll just have to read and find out.

For an intro volume I was very pleased with it. There was a good hook to get me interested, conflict, resolution, and yet there is still room for more. I thought19686-670x1016 it balanced out perfectly, like an episode of fun but still leaves room for the rest of the run.  Though I love Storm I don’t usually follow her story lines, but I think this one is certainly worth taking a chance on. The pacing alone was enough to catch my interest and I haven’t even gotten into the art yet!

Talk about a work of art, stunning as always.
Although it is Storm and awkward posing comes with the territory, there was really only one panel I thought was a bit odd but not enough to really be upset
storm-1-greg-pak-panel-670x1016about it.

Its kind of an awkward jazz hands pose but we can ignore that and look at that bad ass yet soft and caring glance in the box below.  I really appreciate the wide range of facial features they give her and I hope the art continues through out the story. Its part of the reason I picked it up. Good art means a lot to me and possibly other readers.

Overall I think its an excellent lead in and really grabs the readers attention and pulls you in for more. Its not often when we get to see Ororo thinking and worrying about herself and it really humanizes her, reminding us that she is just like everyone else. At times that humanity can get buried deep beneath that strong personality.  Definitely a good read.

Overall score: 9/10

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