Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Review


Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Aired: December 31st 2013

Sword Art Online is one of my favorite anime as well as many fans out there. Here are my thoughts and opinions on this episode or movie rather and doing my best to not give any spoilers!


The storyline seemed decent in the beginning of this movie. The first half of the movie was basically the recapping of the events and meetings that took place in SAO and ALO.  Sounds pretty dull, right? Well, I can tell you that they added some fan service to spice things up a bit, and delved into some of characters!  The other half of this extra episode was exciting, yet the same awesome packed action, adventure and fighting! The quest turned out to be a twist. I do love plot twist, yet it was a bit predictable.

Art & Sound

So, the opening theme is still the same lovely tune from the Fairy Dance which is called “Innocence” by Eir Aoi. Most of the music is the same throughout the movie which I do enjoy.  There is however, a new ending song but the same artist! The name the song is Niji no Oto which is sung beautifully! The animation always seem so fluid and clear. Beautiful scenery, characters are well drawn, so I have no complaints in this particular area.


I loved how they delved into Suguha’s character in this movie! I saw a different side of her and more of her thoughts, opinions, and personality. You do get to see the other characters viewpoints and minor thoughts of the past events as well as current. Guess what? Asuna got a new outfit for ALO! It’s pretty sweet and I am not going into detail! Just see it for yourself. To me, the characters are their wonderful selves. Not much has changed which may seem a little boring, but would you change them if you could? I know I wouldn’t!


To wrap it up here its a decent movie. It was boring at first like in said before with all the recaps for the first hour and about 20 minutes before the action starts. They do put in some good bits in between the recaps to make it a little more interesting. Art and sound is great as always and the characters are just that! Its basically an extra movie. Nothing more or less.

Overall Rating: 7/10