The Inpatient Review

Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Developed by Supermassive Games
Reviewed on PlayStation VR (PlayStation 4 Pro)


The Inpatient is a first person survival horror action adventure game that demonstrates how VR is meant to be played. The Inpatient is the third title by Supermassive Games set in the world of Until Dawn and Rush of Blood. Their latest title nails the psychological horror aspect introduced in the previous games perfectly. The game is set 60 years prior to the events that take place in Until Dawn. You are a patient at the Blackwood Pines Sanitarium who has no memory of who he or she is which creates a mystery of trying to find out who you are and what you are doing there.

The Inpatient

The Inpatient gives the player the option to use the PlayStation Move controllers or the regular PlayStation 4 controller. The Move controllers add more to the experience as you move around the environment interacting with objects. The game also uses the full body experience as you control the patient, not just the usual floating hands experience, which just adds to the immersion and detail of the game. The Inpatient lets you make choices called the Butterfly Effect that can affect your play through experience like it did in Until Dawn.

The choices you make can really change the outcome of the story but the replay value is well worth it. The amount of detail in The Inpatient is incredible and makes you desire to explore every nook and cranny. At one point, you’ll find a flashlight to put in one hand to look around while using the other hand to open doors and interact with objects. This uses the Move controllers really well; the only pitfall is that opening doors can be a bit finicky as I found myself either too close to doors or walls and would get stuck. Or I would just hit my hands on door handles and other objects.

The InpatientThe sound and atmosphere in The Inpatient has a creepy factor of about 12. The game throws all kinds of noises at you from every direction and got me with a couple of jump scares. From room to room, you’ll be listening for any creeks and cracks that might make you jump out of your seat. This includes the sound of wind rustling from open windows you find in the rooms. This works best with headphones on as the sounds and noises make you feel like you are really walking through a creepy insane asylum.

You are given a couple of movement options to navigate using 15, 30, 45 degree increments. You can use the free roam but it might make you a little motion sick. I personally used the 45 degree setting and had no issues with motion sickness whatsoever.  Walking takes a bit to get used to but you are given a good tutorial on how to use all the skills provided. The Inpatient has to be the best looking PSVR title that I have seen so far to date. When the doctor gets right into your face, you can clearly see wrinkles, age spots, and even the color of his eyes as he moves inches from your face. The lighting and environment look amazing and really makes you feel like you are in a creepy asylum. For this alone, I would recommend this title as a graphical and environmental showcase because it’ll have you wanting to explore the whole world of The Inpatient.

All in all, The inpatient is a great horror title and a fantastic addition to the PSVR library. You can complete the game in a little over 3 hours but the replay value is definitely there with all the choices you can make.