Insane Comics/Broken Heart Productions News

Insane Comics/Broken Heart Productions News


Insane-Comics continues to show there is no slowing down as they announce an exclusive partnership with Broken Heart Productions: Somnia Eorum for publishing rights to the line of comic books that will be produced by this studio!

Broken Heart Productions founder, Xing Xin says, “Insane Comics has made an impressive mark upon the publishing world, with over 40 titles in just under 8 months, you know they are taking steps in the right direction. By us joining together we can continue to take comics to another level.”


“At Insane Comics, we continue to up our game when it comes to bringing the best of the indie world to the market,” says CEO James C. Munch. “This partnership shows that we are working towards being considered a serious player in the industry.”

Broken Heart Productions: Somnia Eorum will produce a line of comic book titles that will have a very distinct artistic style to them and the first of the books to be announced is Ximphonic Versus: Fabula Cristallum Thronus.



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