Batman Bad Blood Coming in February

Any DC Animation fan would know that it would be just a matter of time when the DC cartoon movie will come out. Well, wait no more! DC announced a release date on their newest original movie Batman: Bad Blood for February 2, 2016 on Blu-Ray DVD Combo pack. If that is too long to wait for a physical copy, no worries, DC will be releasing the Digital HD copy on January 19th, 2016. Along with the release announcement, DC released the latest trailer for the movie earlier this week.



The mysterious disappearance of Batman, coupled with the emergence of powerful and malevolent new villains in Gotham City, force Nightwing (voice of Sean Maher) and Robin (Stuart Allan) to take crime- fighting into their own hands – while simultaneously searching for their missing leader. They’re not alone for long. New super heroes Batwoman (Yvonne Strahovski) and Batwing (Gaius Charles) – each armed with her/his own sensibilities, physical abilities and crime-fighting tools – arrive in Gotham to assist in the cause.