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GDC 2019: A Preview of Blowfish Studios Titles

This year’s Game Developers Conference was a wonderful opportunity to sit down with developers and learn about upcoming game releases. We had a chance to sit down and chat with Ben Lee of Blowfish Studios, an independent developer and publisher

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CFG Gamecast #4: Is After School Video Game Program A Good Idea?

   In CFG Gamecast #4, Smitty was away, but we had an awesome guest to fill his chair. Franky is a super gaming nerd who collects a ton of collectors editions. We welcome him in our discussions! Meanwhile, Sesh

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CFG Games Unboxing: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Collectors Edition

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a new game from FROM SOFTWARE which is a single player take on a formula similar to that of the Dark Souls series in Feudal Japan. Franky loves Dark Souls… and Japan… so he decided

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We Tried Streets of Rage 4 and It’s Good… Real Good

When Streets of Rage 4 was announced mid last year, children of 90s were super excited of hearing the news. Since the announcement, very little was known on the status of the game. Luckily, at GDC 2019, I was able

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GDC 2019: An Overview from CFG Games

ConFreaks & Geeks had a thrilling time attending the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd. As with every year, GDC is jam-packed with content. We chatted with talented developers, attended several insightful sessions,

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CFG Gamecast #3: So Along Sony Digital Retail Codes

  Welcome back to the CFG Gamecast #3! In this episode, Davies wonders what Sony is doing by removing retail digital copies of their games.  We are having a grand time shaping the podcast up with your feedback. We are

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Hunter X Hunter Vol. 35 – Review

3.9 out of 5
Rating: 3.9

Story and Art By: Yoshihiro Togashi Published by: Viz Media   The battle for succession begins in Hunter X Hunter Vol. 35! Journeying to the Dark Continent was never destined to be a quiet cruise. Kurapika and other hunters aboard

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CFG Gamecast Episode #2: What Do Think About Stadia

    We are very thankful for the feedback we are getting so we can improve this podcast! In this CFG Gamecast Episode #2, Sesh is super hyped about the Google Stadia announcement. What does Davies and Smitty think about

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CFG Games Unboxing: One Piece World Seeker Gum Gum Edition

Being a huge fan of One Piece, Franky was SUPER excited when they announced a collectors edition for the new One Piece World Seeker video game. He had no choice but to pick it up and he wants to show

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One Piece Omnibus Vol. 27 – Review

3.8 out of 5
Rating: 3.8

Story and Art by: Eiichiro Oda Published by: Viz Media   This collection of volumes spans Volumes 79-81. You will read through Chapters 786-816. That is a total of 30 chapters of New World goodness! In this omnibus, you will

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