CBCS Updating Their Logo & Label

It seems clear that competition is healthy between the 2 biggest comic book grading companies. Back in early April, the Certified Guaranteed Company (CGC) announced they changed their casing to a clearer slab and a new bold label. Today, the Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS) has confirmed they are changing the labels as well as showing off their new logo on their grading. The casing will remain the same but with the new logo, will give the presentation of CBCS books look even better.

The newly designed label serves as a bold, easily identifiable counterpart to the company’s crystal clear holder, that does not detract from the eye-appeal of a graded and encapsulated comic book.

The label’s design and new text allows for collectors to easily identify key features of a CBCS graded book—even from several feet away.

We’ve also branded the label with the new CBCS logo, containing a field of holofoil, to enhance the presentation of your treasured comic books.

The new CBCS label went into live production on Monday, July 11th. Any order that went into slab production on, or after, that date will get the new label. All orders that were encapsulated before that date received the last of the prior version labels. CBCS is unveiling its new look to collectors during the International Comic Con: San Diego at booth 1101.







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