CFG GameCast #26: What!? COME ON BETHESDA…

CFG GameCast #26: What!? COME ON BETHESDA…


We had a terrific set of topics in this week episode! CFG Gamecast #26, Davies brings to the table the major fail Bethesda introduced on their new monthly service of Fallout 76. He seem somewhat turnt about it but it was a great discussion. Smitty brings to the table the rumbling rumors of Overwatch 2 that hit the interwebs. Flexiss talks about an AI that may support toxic communities by its algorithm! 

On November 9th, be sure to check twitch.tv/cfggames to for CFG Games Extra life marathon. The gamecast crew will be taking part to do their part to raise money for the childrens hospital.

Davies Green

Davies Green

One of the original founders of the CFG. Big nerd who is a fan of geeky pop culture and wants to share it with everyone.

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