CFG presents: Cosplay Hidden Treasures with Cap Santiago

CFG presents: Cosplay Hidden Treasures with Cap Santiago

 We proudly introduce a brand new feature called Cosplay Hidden Treasures!!! This segment is for all the cosplayers out there who does amazing work and is trying to get their name across the community. The CFG would like to help by interviewing these amazing cosplayers and show off their great skills. We are pleased to feature the first guest on this segment, David “Cap” Santiago. He cosplays great characters as well as his most recognized Nova corps outfits. He was the cover model of the 2014 Men vs. Cosplay calendar and is going strong with new and killer outfits. Enjoy the interview!!!




You can check out more of his amazing work by going to his Facebook. Click here


Davies Green

Davies Green

One of the original founders of the CFG. Big nerd who is a fan of geeky pop culture and wants to share it with everyone.

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