Character Designs Released For Digimon Adventure

Character Designs Released For Digimon Adventure

Remember back in 1999 when Pokemon and Yugi-Oh was the craze. Well, there was one series that came the closest to Pokemon, and that series was Digimon. A group of kids who was led by Ty and his Digimon (Augamon) went to the “digital world” and saved it from being destroyed! After that there has been a series of other groups who had somewhat the same adventure. Skip to 15 years later, Toei Animation confirmed back in August during the Digimon Adventure 15th anniversary event, that in the springtime of 2015, they will be releasing Digimon Adventure the series and the original group will be the stars! Ty and them are older and they are about to throw down! Earlier today, Toei released the first images of the new series. Stay tuned for further updates…



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