Incredible Statues: Dark Souls: Dragon Slayer Ornstein Exclusive Edition Unboxing

I am a huge Dark Souls fan.  I have been collecting the statue line for the series from First 4 Figures. Well, I finally decided to be a little patient and hold off on immediately opening my most recent purchase. Here is CFG’s first statue unboxing starting with the huge and elegant Dragon Slayer Ornstein from the first Dark Souls game.


Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Checkout the exclusive lance! It lights up!

Franky Abraham

Franky Abraham

A gamer, a collector and all around goof. Born in Chicago, IL and now based in Phoenix, AZ and makes the best of the heat. He will joke around to no ends with his uncontrollable booming voice. Always gaming and forever added more nerdy "junk" to his "trunk" that he calls life!

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