Fairy Tail December Recap

As you might have predicted, Gray and Natsu are most certainly not down for the count. They managed to narrowly escape the ultimate curse Memento Mori that was laid upon them by Mard Geer, by burrowing deep enough under 6ground to avoid the attack. Gray falters after expended so much of  his energy and leaves Natsu to defeat the last member of Tartaros. As Mard Geer flies at them in a raging fit, Natsu counters by activating his dragonforce. Which makes me wonder why he hasn’t done it all this time before? Unfortunately, dragonforce is clearly not enough and it takes a final hit from Gray to do Mard Geer in for good.
In defeating the demons of Tartaros, Fairy Tail still wasn’t able to stop the countdown for the Face magic destroying bombs. Many of them look on in shame and regret as the bombs starting exploding destroying magic in their world. Others start to feel the effects of the destructive bombs, their powers leaving their bodies. Even the common folk notice that magic powered utilities such as lighting and transportation are malfunctioning. The Face bombs are going off 14gradually and not all at once, so the magic from Earthland is being drained slowly. As Natsu despairs, Igneel makes an entrance after defeating Acnologia and offers his adopted son hope. The dragons that have disappeared such a long time ago have reemerged and are destroying all the Face markers before they go off.
With the demise of Face, Igneel explains what happened to all the dragons since the year 777. It’s kind of a copout, that they were living inside the dragonslayers, but necessary I suppose. It is revealed that Acnologia was actually a human before he turned into a dragon. This has been referenced before, that if dragonslayers use too much of their dragon magic they will eventually turn into dragons. It still deosn’t explain Acnologia’s obsession with wanting to destroy the world. Back with Natsu and Gray, the two are having a stand off over the book of END. Gray wants to destroy it, while Natsu is still trying to retrieve it for Igneel. 17The start of their skirmish is interrupted by an unexpected guest.