Fairy Tail October Recap

The first part of the Kyouka vs Erza seems a bit slow to be quite frank. 6Kyouka proclaims how it proves her worth to Tartaros to assimilate with the Face countdown clock, while Erza argues she just running away from trying to live out her life. Kyouka is quite a match for Erza though, since her demon power is “strengthening” which gives her no limitations on how much power she can exude. The Tartaros demon decides that she’s had enough of Erza’s spittle about friendship, and immobilizes her by using her power to make her pain receptors react to the slightest movement. And as expected in FairyTail fashion,   Erza gets stripped of her senses (and her clothes…), leaving her to feel as she is in a dark void with nothing to keep her anchored. Erza being the deus ex machina she is, somehow overcome5s and even is able to land some hits against her enemy despite her handicapped senses.

What I don’t get is Kyouka took away Erza’s sense of feeling so why would she be debilitated by the pain receptors then? Maybe she turns her sense of feeling back in a fury of frustration. Erza still manages to pull through and land a staggering blow to the demon as the face activation clock ticks furiously down, but falters and isn’t able to land the finishing move.  Minerva picks up the slack, but ends Kyouka’s life just as the time runs out. The entire world is faced with the imminent demise of magic as they know it.

Marde Guille seems to finally be holding Natsu off, yet he still can’t beat the dragonslayer away with his thorns. Sting and Rogue come to aid Natsu in his fight against the stand-in boss of Tartaros, and while the three dragonslayers manage to land some good hits,18 Marde Guille seems to be further irritated. He simply brushes off the combined dragon style attacks as if they were no match for him as he sits upon a throne and unleases and whirlwind of thorns. He still hasn’t shown his curse demon powers, so I wonder what is still in store for this fight. In another area of the crumbling enemy camp, Wendy and some other members of Fairy Tail are trying to figure out the best course of action to stop the activation of all the Faces. Makarov seems to think think the key to their victory is the revered Lumen Histoire.


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