Fairy Tail September Recap

In these chapters of Fairy Tail, it opens up with Erza and Kyouka staring each other down before engaging in the fight for the fate of magic of the entire world. It goes back and forth between the two of them, neither one overpowering the other. A typical beginning to most fights, where no one has pulled out their ultimate strength right off the bat. I guess this is the best way to build the progression of the fight, or just a waste space and time. The story cuts back from 20the fight to what is going on with the other Fairy Tail members, which involves more battles against weaker Tartaros members. Everything is overshadowed by a loud voice approaching the site of the story. As some Fairy Tail wizards cower in fear, other recount the horrifically familiar sound of the encroaching threat. The harbinger of the apocalypse, the dragon Acnologia, seems to be attracted to the struggle between Fairy Tail and13 Tartaros. The dragon slayers seem to be almost in shock only being able to hear the beat of their own hearts as Acnologia wrecks havoc on the crashed Tartaros base.

As the dark dragon powers up an energy blast to decimate the entire base, Natsu hears a familiar voice call out to him. A power wells up within Natsu and Igneel materializes above the fire dragonslayer to intercept Acnologia. Natsu looks on with tears in his eyes from the sudden reunion with the dragon who raised him. That happiness subsides as Natsu decides he wants answers from his dad and joins Igneel up the air as he fights the dark dragon. Seeing the attitude and fighting style of Igneel, you can really see who Natsu takes after. Igneel tries to brush off the pestering dragonslayer 10who is demanding answers, but ends up having to distract him by asking Natsu to do a favor for him instead. Igneel sends Natsu after Marde Guille, to take the book of END from the leader of the Tartaros. Marde Guille takes Natsu too lightly at first and is a bit overwhelmed by the reflexes and strength of the fire dragonslayer. In an attempt to turn the tide over in his favor, Marde Guille contacts Kyouka and orders her to form an organic link with the Face activation console. Kyouka accepts the rationality of this decision and steps up her game by showing her true demon form.