First Impressions:Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! REN

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! REN

Aired: January 8, 2014 and ongoing


This series, also known as Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai! is very interesting. Even though we are only three episodes in and a forth on the way, it has all the elements of a romance school-themed comedy, with a bit of slice of life. Then you throw in delusional teens and we are off! There is even a bit of action! If some of you know from the previous season or light novels, the story revolves around the main characters Yuuta Togashi and Rikka Takanashi (mainly), and their friends Kumin Tsuyuri, Sanae Dekomori, Shinka Nibutani, and Makoto Isshiki that are dealing with their delusions or trying to understand why their peers have them. Mind you, this is the second season of this crazy, yet marvelous series. So, I will give you a basic summery as to what happened in season one. Secondly, I will move on to the first two episodes of the season and my take on how I think of the season so far.

Here’s a recap of season one of the series! Yuuta had suffered the “Chunibyo-Syndrome” while he was in middle school. He transfers to a different high school to put his embarrassing past behind him and just be a normal guy until he meets Rikka and the others and they all get into crazy adventures because most of them have this syndrome. Yuuta and Rikka end up in a “Lovers Pact” due to Rikka bringing up his past, thus declared a couple. He tries to break Rikka from the syndrome, but finds that he accepts her for who she is after the reason why she has the syndrome. Rikka is quite the character. A lot of the time, her fantasies get carried away and Yuuta has to deal with them. She matures somewhat, but still struggles with her fantasies as she used them to escape of the realities of her situation at home. Now on the other hand, characters Shinka and Sanae are at ends with each other. Shinka too transferred to a different school, same reason as Yuuta, but Sanae is the only connection to her past and mentions that she trying to find Shinka’s delusion persona “Mori Summer”, due to a chat on the internet, yet does not know it is actually Shinka. When this is revealed, Sanae doesn’t believe Shinka. Sanae is Rikka’s childhood friend and suffers the very same syndrome as Rikka and comes from a rich family. Kumin doesn’t suffer delusions as the others do, but wants to understand them. I meant to mention that Makoto Isshiki is all a part of this too! He loves Kumin and are really good friends with Yuuta. He is always trying to be around the ladies and even joins a club to be around them. That sums up the first season without revealing too much for those who want to see or read for themselves! (I am one of those people as well.)


In the first episode, we start off with Rikka and her antics and everyone’s first day back to school. Shinka comes to school looking a bit different so not many people at school recognize her right away and her frenemistic (Yes, that word is made up, but fits.) relationship with Sanae is the same as always. Kumin is also a lady as always and observes everyone, commenting here and there which frequently gets her hit on the head. Yuuta is out on his own and figuring out what to do about Rikka’s living situation. Then we run into Rikka’s older sister, Toka, who Rikka saw as a threat to her living situation which thus puts us in a fantastic delusional action scene in which Rikka and her party (Shinka, Yuuta, Kumin, and Sanae) lose to the “Evil-Priestess”. This battle scene was in my opinion, was fast, fluid, and very imaginative. In a way, I really wish their delusions were real. Even after their “defeat”, Toka lets Rikka have her way and advises that she will check on her from time to time.chu2-3-1
For episode two, we find that Shinka and Kumin are discussing Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship, much to Sanae’s dismay. As they grow curious of the going ons of the relationship, the group follows the couple around town to see how they interact with one another, and find themselves disappointed. Shinka corners Yuuta about his relationship with Rikka. Then she drags him to her friend, Kazari Kannagi, who gives Yuuta advice about what girls really want from a boy. Then we find some comic relief between her and Yuuta about Rikka. Now, Yuuta and Rikka go out on a date and Rikka is her usual quirky self, but we see some moments where she plays the blushing shy girl, and also how she feels about their relationship. They find that they should not rush into something they do not want to because of their friends or society thinks that they should be doing. At the end of episode two we find the Rikka runs into the mystery person upstairs that was mentions a few times in this episode. This mystery girl, from what she says to Rikka, is also Chunibyo!

After watching these two episodes I would say so far this season has started to grow on me. It is very cute yet strange, and it gave me some sort of nostalgia of when I was a child pretending to have superpowers and a different persona. I think we all had at some point of our childhood maybe even into our teens whether it was in secret or not.  Also, it reminds me of Live Action Role-Playing, popularly known as LARPing. I enjoyed their fantasy filled battle scene in episode one which as I said before, made me wish it was a real deal. For me, it made me want to see more into the imagination of Rikka and her friends. I also love the weapons they used and powers. Animations seemed fluid and solid to me, also fast. Everyone seemed to be their normal selves so far, but I wonder, who is the new girl who appeared at the end of episode two? Is she a friend or rival? She has an interesting look to her that made me wonder what she was about and why she is there. I guess I, as many of you, will have to watch episode three to find out! Also I love the opening theme “Voices”, by Zaq, the action sequence, and quirkiness! Overall, I would say if you enjoyed the previous season and/or light novels, I would recommend watching it! I love it already and ready for more episodes to come.