Future’s End Review

Future’s End

DC Comics
Written by Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen
Art by Patrick Zircher
Colors by Hi-Fi

Once again, the future looks grim and it is up to Batman to save the…Wait, this is about Terry McGinnis coming FROM the future to save the past right?  Then why on earth is he hardly in it?!   The covers of the series may be a little misleading but fear not readers, for you are in for a wild ride!  This weekly comic is going to pull you through some ups followed by heart breaking downs!  No one is safe in this  story line so buckle up and get some tissues, you might need it.

Futures-End-0-Page-1On free comic book day, DC offered issue zero,  giving readers a small epilogue of what was to come.  A lot of important things take place and quite a nice handful of cameo appearances. If you haven’t picked it up already, I
highly recommend getting it before you start the series.  However, you can go on without it and doing so might save the nice twist for later.  This is where a reader might get the idea that this story is going to follow Terry McGinnis on his time traveling adventure (I know I sure did!).  Considering most of the covers thus far feature him as Batman, one would think this would be the case. But alas, so far he just seems to be a background character in Mr. Terrific’s (the main villain) story line. Firestorm, Grifter, and the various others that have shown up are enjoyable characters and I have nothing against them;  I was just hoping to get a fierce Batman now verses a  Batman to come! Sure, Future Bruce gave a stern warning but who ever listens to old man Bruce, right?!  Unfortunately, we will just have to sit here biting our nails until then.

thenew52futuresend2-49gkm8The story is pretty morbid with a handful of our favorite characters already being put into the grave, and the art style seems to be very fitting.  Its dark, edgy and sharp. It really fits into that “doom and gloom awaits you” feeling.  What I really appreciate about it is that the inside art is just as good and clear cut as the cover. Granted, we are seeing this more and more in every day comics, but it is always appreciated to have our panels looking clear and crisp. I have to admit, the story has been a bit wordy so far. Lots of conversations going on and not much action, but it is a weekly comic and they do have panels to fill so I’m willing to let it slide. Although, when you find yourself just kind of skimming through, do not lose hope! We are getting some serious build up for something that will hopefully have a killer ending! (No pun intended).

With the 4th book coming out this week, I am hooked!  Though I feel like the story will be leading to something more epic, I find myself chomping at the bit waiting for something other then chatting.  Yes its important to have introductions and plot filling conversations but this lead up is a bit sluggish.

Overall Score:  7 out of  10.