Night Owl Society #2 Review

Writer: James Venhaus
Art: Pius Bak
Publisher: IDW Publishing


Night Owl Society#2 finds the group continuing their campaign of disruption to the mob boss’, known only as “The Viceroy”, operations. David is leading the group on missions at night, attacking shakedowns of The Viceroy’s goons. The story is also told in panels of flashbacks to the previous 6 months. It shows the relationship between David and the now dead Father Shawn who was David’s only confidant. Between the flashbacks and the activities of the Night Owl Society, the story unfolds on the reasoning behind the formation of the team and the secret David has been hiding from them. Keeping these secrets from his team and his family may cost him his life.

James Venhaus does another wonderful job with the continuing story. They way he handles the flashbacks and present day stories, he builds the suspense of what has happened to create the present day chaos. The most complex character is David, he has a lot going on but Venhaus still writes him as an angst teenager. He also doesn’t spare on character building with the other students of St. Cuthbert’s. I would love to know more about them as well, even though we know by now the story is centered on David, I would like to see more about A.J., Sarah, Laura, and Darsh. What made them so willing to go along with David and become the Night Owl Society without much explanation.

Unfortunately, I feel Pius Bak rushed through this issue of Night Owl Society. His simplistic approach in the first issue kind of worked against him in this issue. There was a lot more action in this story, the lines look more like scribbling than drawings. Bak did put more care into the faces of the characters when there was a close up panel, but definition in other panels look more like a quick sketch. The color scheme was the same as the first, which was the right tone for the story. Marshall Dillon continues to do a fine job with the lettering, not much expression is in the lettering. It is shown more in the drawn faces.

I reviewed the first issue of with high hopes for this series and this issue does not disappoint. The misfit group has found their calling so it seems, in fighting crime. Up until a point, they do not question David’s motive to target just this person, only that The Viceroy had something to do with Father Shawn’s murder. Mostly, what the group enjoys is each other’s company, they have grown to care for each other. They were outcast at the beginning of the first issue, but now they have each other. Which makes the anger shown towards the end justifiable.