Do A Powerbomb #1 Review

Its The Cream Of The Crop

Release Date
June 15, 2022
Writer & Artist:
Daniel Warren Johnson
Mike Spicer
Image Comics

What would you do to get the chance to revive a loved one? That is the question the new comic book Do A Powerbomb #1 asks unconventionally. Lona SteelRose is a second-generation wrestler that has big shoes to fill. Her mother, Yua SteelRose, was prominent in her glory days, and now Lona wants to grab the spotlight and become a champion just like her mother. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Due to a sad and traumatic incident in Lona’s life as a kid made her opportunities to climb the wrestling ladder to success minimal. Her family doesn’t want her to get hurt, and her uncle (a wrestling promoter) does not want to train her, causing her to feel stuck. One night, after a match, Lona is walking home and greeted by a strange man that asks her the peculiar question of what she would do to bring back a loved one.

Being a fan of wrestling drew me to Do A Powerbomb #1 already. To my surprise, creator Daniel Warren Johnson gave me even more to anticipate in this miniseries. Do A Powerbomb #1 provides the reader with a mix of two worlds: wrestling and mystic arts. The story Johnson gives the reader is easy to keep up with and is very straightforward about what is going on. It does enough for me to be upset that it ended and want more immediately! Even though this is the story’s beginning, Do a Powerbomb #1 gives the reader a perfect pace of what is to happen next in the hero’s story. 

Daniel Warren Johnson is also responsible for the incredible art in Do a Powerbomb #1. It’s relatively rare for me to enjoy a creator who does both the writing and pencils in the same book, and it’s something weird to me. However, in this book, I love the style. The wrestling action in this book, mixed with the rich colors Mike Spicer provides, makes every move feel hard-impacting. I am only reading this book, and I can still feel the impact in some of the action scenes! I am also big a fan of how they used the space in each comic panel. Do A Powerbomb #1 uses every inch available to show off its slick art style. It was a good move, and I want to see where they go with it.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Do A Powerbomb #1. You cannot help but root for the story’s young protagonist and want to find out what is in store for her. This book surprised me, which makes it even more special. Image Comics tends to surprise readers when you are searching for something new. I am going to check out issue #2 when it is available. Stay tuned. 


Do A Powerbomb #1 Review
Explosive Colors
Great Art
Nice setup for bigger story
Need More!