Uncle From Another World Vol.9 Review

Release Date
February 20, 2024
Story and Art By:
Published By
Yen Press
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We see Yousuke sitting at the familiar table where his nephew, Takafumi Takaoka, and his childhood friend, Sumika Fujimiya at watching a playback of his memories while in a different world. The premise of the Uncle From Another World series takes the Isekai genre at a different look. Rather than the protagonist being in the world itself and the viewer watching their trials and tribulations, Uncle From Another World’s protagonist has already experienced it. He is sharing their experience with their nephew by showing a video recording of what he did via magic. This way of storytelling is not only different in the genre but also genius. In Uncle From Another World Vol. 9, the book continues a new adventure of Yousuke dungeon diving with 2 new adventurers and the hilarious tsundere, Elga the elf. 

Uncle From Another World Vol.9 tells another adventure tale of Yousuke “Ojisan” Shibazaki, who was in a coma after getting hit by a car 20 years ago. While in a coma, he was transported to another world where most of the people thought he was an orc due to how “ugly” he was. During that time, he learned magic and how to fight. Yousuke eventually became an adventurer and had several crazy experiences there. Vol.9 continues his epic story. It starts with Yousuke and Elga exploring a dungeon with two new adventurers, Autom, a holy swordsman, and the shy-looking Charion, a dragon shifter. During their time exploring the dungeon you get to know a little more about Charion and Autom while at the same time, showing off how powerful each adventurer is. As usual, Yousuke introduces himself with a weird name and continues on. Will the group clear the dungeon and find the special reward? You read and find out!

While reading Uncle From Another World, I appreciated how creator Hotondoshindeiru mixes comedy with some serious moments. There is a lot of walking and talking between battles in Uncle From Another World Vol.9. During that time, Hotondoshindeiru does a great job giving character development to the two new adventurers in the story as well as the expected tsundere tendencies Elga naturally has when another girl talks to Yousuke. Even during the battle sequences, the mood can be hectic, but when you see Yousuke’s goofy-looking grin, you know things will be okay. The one issue I have with how the story is told is when it cuts back to the real world. The segments when Takafumi, Sumika, and Yousuke can occasionally be good, but in Uncle From Another World Vol.9, it takes the wind behind the main story being told. The best parts of the real world is Yousuke is explaining how to play classic Sega games! 

Uncle From Another World Vol.9 has 4 chapters, a bonus, chapter, 1 special, and 1 extra chapter in it. There is a lot of extra content in it and being a fan of the series, I do no think it will disappoint you. Uncle From Another World Vol.9 is a solid read. It does have its slow moments. However, it is action-packed.


Uncle From Another World Vol.9 Review
A lot of funny moments
The classic video game inserts are a delight
The art style is good
Some of the story segment is slow
the transitions take you out of what is being setup