World of Darkness: Werewolf The Apocalypse

The World of Darkness series, or WOD as folks call it, encapsulates many from the classic monsters genre. It has been around for a long time in Tabletop RPG format, and I was curious about how it plays. Thanks to the good people at Renegade Game Studios, I had an opportunity to try out a pillar of the WOD series. My friends and I were part of a mini session of Werewolf The Apocalypse 5th Edition. I was the StoryTeller (Dungeon Master) in this campaign, and in the following weeks, I will release a chapter of the campaign. A campaign isn’t a campaign if you do not have a creation session. In this week’s video, the adventurers create their characters for the session I have in store. We created a brand new Youtube page just fore these future shenanigans so, If you enjoy content like this, Subscribe to