2B Joins The Cast of GranBlue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Version 1.21 was released on February 20 and includes the playable character 2B from the action RPG game NieR:Automata. In addition, a network indicator (RTT) has been added for online Ranked and Casual Matches along with Oceania as a selectable server. Other features and various bug fixes have also been implemented. For more details, please refer to the patch notes on the official GBVSR site.

2B is now obtainable as a DLC character. This addition to the roster includes an online lobby avatar of 2B that can be used in Grand Bruise Legends! (Grand Bruise!), and figures for the Figure Studio.


2B An all-purpose battle android deployed as a member of the automated infantry squad, YoRHa. Members of YoRHa forgo names and are referred to only by their codes. Though regulations forbid them from expressing emotions, each model has its distinguishing personality, and 2B is comparatively cool, calm, and collected.