Huge Changes Introduced In Overwatch Season 4

Overwatch Season 4 has added to every aspect of the franchise, from the lore to the hero line-up. The season is starting off on a high note due to the introduction of the game browser allowing for more player interaction and even more! Here are some of the current features added to Season 4. 

The newest features in Season 4 of Overwatch is the Game Browser, which allows players to customize their own game by creating their own rules and changing paradigms within their game. This gives way to new and unique experiences in Overwatch: choosing game modes, hero abilities, damage, movement speed and many more. Once a user creates their game, it becomes available to other players within their region, even allowing easy access to search for specific games. Many players were able to customize games that were entertaining, such as a Boss Reinhardt with maximum speed and health, as well as constructive, such as headshot practice with McCree, Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Ana.

In Season 3 of Overwatch, players were introduced to a new game mode, Capture the Rooster, which celebrated the Year of the Rooster event in February. The objective is to head for the enemy team’s base, obtain your team’s flag, and successfully return it to your base. Capture the Rooster became so popular, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed in the new developer update video, that capture the flag will be here to stay in the arcade and custom game modes of Season 4.

Along with Season 4 came a new patch with a substantial amount of buffs for some heroes. The most notable of them is Bastion. Many players recall stories of being obliterated by a team of Bastions very early in Overwatch Season 1. Since then, Bastion went through a cycle of nerfs in order to become more balanced. The largest criticism of Bastion was his lack of mobility; he was only effective in sentry mode. Now, he is able to self-repair while on the move which can be useful to protect his teammates from nearby attacks. However, the reception of these new changes are far from satisfactory. According to a thread on the Overwatch subreddit. Bastion can be easily pocketed or shielded to become virtually unkillable. Players shall see in future patches if he will be nerfed again.

For Blizzard fans that follow the Overwatch lore, Season 4 introduces a new hero to accompany some advancement in the narrative. Now, when players spawn in Numbani, they can see destroyed robots, called OR15s, at the airport terminal. The destruction was allegedly caused by an unknown assailant, presumably Doomfist. Efi Oladele, an 11-year- old robotics savant and Numbanian, sought to bring protection to the city by building and personalizing her own OR15, Orisa. Orisa is classified as a tank with similar qualities of other tank heroes, namely, protective barrier, graviton, the ability to reduce damage to herself, and increase damage inflicted by nearby allies. Competitive players who favor a 3-tank composition are looking to Orisa for her mobility. She can provide barriers at a distance while inhaling damage and increasing inflicted damage by allies to help push the enemy lines. While she is still in the PTR, Orisa is proving to be a very promising tank hero.  I pay attention to the Overwatch narrative, and it is refreshing to see new events take place. There are no complaints when a new hero is added to the roster, especially one as flexible as Orisa. Although, it is too early to determine if she will be nerfed, much like Bastion, she invites challenge against her enemies.

Season 4 is live right now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, so power up your favorite gaming machine and fight the fight.