Drip Drip Review

An Interesting Story Of Finding Love

Release Date
October 18, 2022
Story & Art By:
Paru Itagaki
Published By:
Viz Manga
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What happens when you experience psychological trauma at a young age and try to find love when you are a fully grown adult? Beastars creator Paru Itagaki gives her take in their one-shot graphic novel, Drip Drip. Meet Mako Higari. She is in her late twenties and trying to find love. Unfortunately, she has a problem. Mako is unable to touch anything that is “dirty.” Whenever she does, her body naturally reacts with severe nose bleeds. When I say severe, I MEAN SEVERE! Mako is forced to live a life of complete sterilization. However, she is desperately trying to find the person of her dreams to prove she is capable of being with someone. Drip Drip graphically depicts her crazy stories of trying to find the person of her dreams. 

The Drip Drip graphic novel is eight chapters long with two bonus one-shot chapters. Each chapter contains a story that Mako experienced in her ideological crusade. My first impression of Mako as she came off as weird. Later, that changes when the graphic novel gives the background on her trauma to understand why she thinks the way she does. What makes Mako even more attractive as a character is that she is very aware the way she thinks is not normal, and throughout the chapters, she tries to prove herself wrong. In eight super graphic chapters, Paru Itagaki takes the reader on a roller-coaster adventure on how much Maki wants to be in a relationship. Some of her antics are wholesome, while others are questionable if you consider it a crime.

As crazy and zany the predicaments Mako puts herself through, you, as the reader, cannot help but root for her to find happiness. Several times in Drip Drip, I thought she needed to get arrested, but I hoped she got the man! The downside of the Drip Drip graphic novel is that the story felt rushed. The story’s pacing suddenly changed from Mako having one-shot adventures and abruptly transitioning to the grand finale. It felt like there could have been more to her dilemma, but time ran out.

Paru Itagaki’s art style shines throughout Drip Drip. Her two-page full-spread art looks as fantastic as ever. Some spreads show ridiculous black ink due to the excessive Mako nosebleeds. When you look at the art in Drip Drip, you immediately reference Beastars art style but in human form. One of the best pieces in Drip Drip is when Mako looks psychotic when chasing the man she is with after a nosebleed. She seems possessed, like the girl from The Ring. 

Overall, Drip Drip is a fun, simple, One-shot manga to read. Due to the immense graphic nature and nudity, I would not advise young manga readers to read this book; however, if you are 18+, this is an excellent one-and-done series.  



Drip Drip Review
Fun, simple, One-shot manga to read. Due to the immense graphic nature and nudity, I would not advise young manga readers.
The book contains the entire short stories series and more.
Full spread art on pages were great
Very Nice plot twist
Series felt rush
The overall story felt clunky.
Some of the situations were "too" far-fetched