One Piece Omnibus Vol. 27 – Review

Story and Art by: Eiichiro Oda
Published by: Viz Media


This collection of volumes spans Volumes 79-81. You will read through Chapters 786-816. That is a total of 30 chapters of New World goodness! In this omnibus, you will reach the conclusion of the longest arc in One Piece, the Dressrosa arc. But that’s just the beginning! The foreshadowed mysterious island of Zou emerges! What wild adventure will the Straw Hat pirates get themselves into this time? Will the crew finally be able to rendezvous? All will be revealed in this marathon of a collection.

What more can be said about these editions of One Piece other than their convenience? I mean, single One Piece volumes fresh on the market cost around $10. The omnibus on the other hand, which has 3 volumes, is only $15. To put it simply, you are saving 50% on manga volumes. On the downside, it does take longer for Omnibus versions to come out versus than it does the regular volumes. But, if you aren’t in a hurry and/or, you enjoy longer reads, this is the perfect edition for you.

As typical of most manga, we get a good recap section. Each chapter henceforth has its own original cover page that are either requests, unique color spreads (although they are black and white here), or part of a mini episodic serialization. You get all the SBS corner questions that Oda Sensei himself answers and we even get a full year calendar showing us the birthdays of lots of One Piece characters! I didn’t share a birthday with anybody but maybe you will!One Piece Omnibus 27

If I had done a review of the volumes, you would have heard the same thing from me regarding the art. Its spectacular! Being able to draw out the scope of the Luffy and Doflamingo fight must have been arduous! The details and background work are one thing, but seeing things like Luffy’s new Gear 4th ability and the many glowing moments of all the Straw Hat allies was so satisfying to see again. Oda’s use of sound affects is another layer on an already busy backdrop. Despite having so many things go on at once, you never really feel stretched thin. Despite this, the debate continues as to whether the whole arc was crammed with too many sub plots. If you are just jumping into the series, this is probably not the best place to jump in. 

Its true, as I’ve said previously, Dressrosa is the longest arc in One Piece so far. Seconded only by Whole Cake Island. At 102 chapters, many people were anxious about its conclusion! After all, so much was at stake and how it ended was going to influence the entire One Piece world as a whole. No matter what your stance is, the ending of Dressrosa sets the tone for a big event that has been hinted at for a long time which has still yet to come. How will the dominoes fall?One Piece Omnibus 27

The next island we venture to is Zou, which is actually more than just an island… It just so happens to be the home land of a race of beings called the Minks! We’ve seen Minks before such as Bepo the Polar Bear Mink on Law’s crew. But there’s also been at least one Mink during the Marineford War. Anyone remember that Walrus pirate? Who knows… maybe he ate the Walrus-Walrus fruit! Just how will these inhabitants take to the Straw hat’s presence in their home land and can they be trusted? The mission to take down Kaido, one of the 4 Emperors was never meant to be a pleasure cruise. If they do plan to take him down, they are going to need all the help they can get. You will find out how the Minks fit into all this and maybe even learn some of the island’s darker secrets.

If you love re-reading chapters like I do, whether it be to kill time or just for the fun of it, having an omnibus makes transporting these stories a lot easier. You always get a good binge of story when you have an omnibus! It is a must have for the avid collector and a useful medium for someone on the go. The latest omnibus will satisfy with epic battles and wondrous islands. It’s a Pirate’s dream!