Overwatch Review

Developed By Blizzard Entertainment
Published By Activsion 
For the Playstation 4, XboxOne, PC


The highly anticipated game Overwatch is finally released! With the help of the previous betas, People had a very good feel of what Overwatch would offer. This review is for all the people who may still be on the fence on picking this gem up. Enjoy!

OverWatch is blizzards new game that’s a combination of a first person shooter with a few elements taken from MOBA games. After all of the closed beta test, the massive open beta most people have already made up their mind as to whether or not to buy this game. This review was meant for those of you who still may be on the fence despite seeing videos of gameplay, the short stories and the reactions to The Early Access beta that people have been talking about all over the internet.

Overwatch is about a team that used to be dispatched all over the world to defend helpless citizens from danger starting from the Onmic Crisis. A war that took place 30 years before the start of the game where man and sentient machines called Omnics fought for supremacy. After the war they were beloved by many worldwide however too much collateral damage left in their wake after every dispatch caused the United Nations to shut down OverWatch until one day they decide to join up together again to save the world after everything seems to be worse than before the war despite both sides living together in peace.

OverWatch has a variety of game modes that you can play. It’s a 6 vs 6 game where you try to complete the objective. There are a number of different objectives that youXBoxOne_1P_PAX16_SOLDIER76_png_jpgcopy could be loaded into such as attack or defend an area against the enemy team or escort a payload to an objective point. There is also a weekly arcade mode that you can play that usually has a unique set of rules that are different from normal gameplay such as instant killing or half of the cool-down time for abilities that changes from week to week.

Each character that you can play as is put into a class that best represents their play style. Attackers who can do the most damage Defenders who can hold off an enemy advance tanks who can absorb lots of damage and can break apart enemy formation and support characters who can help their teammates by either healing are increasing their stats. The game is meant to be played together as a team who succeed in matches. You can’t just run in alone and expect to win matches. Standing together with your teammates will mean the difference between a victory or defeat. The game also allows you to change your characters at any time as long as you’re in your teams base. It’s always a good idea to switch characters if you find that your strategy with one character isn’t working. Learning how to use only one character is not recommended in this game. To further drive this home the game actually recommends what types of characters you should be playing to keep your team balanced and well-rounded for the upcoming match.

OW_0412016_3P_XB1_JUNKRAT_png_jpgcopyThere are lots and lots of people who are playing the game already but if you don’t happen to have any friends to play with you are going to be missing out on a particular type of experience. While it is entirely possible to play with random people if you don’t coordinate very well with strangers then you’re going to not have as much fun with the game.

Graphically the game looks fantastic. Console Gamers don’t have to worry about settings as the game was optimized for console release however if you are a computer is a bit more than a year old you may have some trouble running the game.

The biggest problems with OverWatch are not terribly detrimental. With all of the World building and how great the animated featurettes and advertising for the game short off these great characters I wish there were more story involved. We know that there was a big war that engulfed most of the world and that it ended but that’s about it. Everything about the game story and their characters are told through those cut scenes and nothing else unless you’ve read a bit more about the character bios tidbits of information. I just wish the game expanded more about the story just a little bit. But alongside the animated shorts there is a series of short comics you can read on blizzard site as well as a graphic novel supposed to be in the works.

Another is that battle.net from console to PC but there’s no cross-platform saving allowed. So if you get the game twice you can’t move information over despite PS4-HEROGALLERY_png_jpgcopyeverything linking to the same account.

While the game is immensely fun to play I have to recommend it with some precautions. The bulk of the game comes from the sheer amount of just playing the game without striving for any real long-term goal other than getting the character skin and emotes you can unlock through leveling up at opening loot boxes. The plan for the game without any real long-term goals and by yourself could make the game feel really old after a while if you collect every collectible that you want. There is an option to just buy the boxes as extra content but you can earn each new box by just play the game normally. Buying the boxes with real cash just makes it go by faster and could potentially shorten not only the games lifetime but your overall interest as well.

Still despite this the game is a lot of fun playing everyone should at least give it a chance. If you were one of the ones who has lots of friends who play the game together but are not a hundred percent sold the maybe wait to see if there’s never going to be a price drop before picking it up. The games usually don’t last more than 15 minutes so you can just jump on and jump off whenever you want. Which is a plus considering how long lots of MOBA games can take.