Sky Force Reloaded Review


Published by Infinite Dreams Inc.
Developed by Infinite Dreams
Reviewed on Nintendo Switch (also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android, IOS)


Sky Force Reloaded is a bullet hell action game or a shmup (shoot em up) to fans of the genre. It was originally released on the Android and iOS stores back in 2006 as a free play game. I came across Sky Force Reloaded a couple years ago and found it to be super addicting. I could not put this game down back then, so when I heard it was released as a console title I was more than a little excited. Sky Force Reloaded comes with some major changes and upgrades to the game which makes the $9.99 price tag well worth it.

The best addition to the game is the co-op feature. Who wouldn’t want to play a shmup with a friend? This feature brings a whole new experience to the game. I love playing this game solo but adding a second player adds a +10 to the fun factor. The other changes are nothing to scoff at as well like the instant upgrade feature. In the mobile version when you purchased an upgrade you would have to wait upwards of an hour or more for the upgrade to take effect or you could spend more stars to make the upgrade instant. These instant upgrades saves you time and stars.

The transition to playing this on the big screen is my favorite change. It took a little to get used to as I had only played this game using my finger on my phone. Being able to use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller makes the upgrade worth it. The graphics and colors pop on TVs and make the 3D look amazing as you blow up ships. The boss fights are absolutely amazing on the big screen compared to a mobile phone. Sky Force Reloaded keeps the action running at a smooth 60 fps even through all the bullets on the screen.

You start off the game with a fully loaded ship as you play through the prologue but that’s eventually destroyed by the main villain, General Scarlett Mantis. You now have a basic ship without any of the features you just used and in comes the grind. Sky Force Reloaded doesn’t feel too much like a typical grind as you’ll have a blast collecting stars and purchasing upgrades. Seeing the differences on the next stage feels very gratifying. There are also cards you can collect in the levels which can either be a temporary buff or a new ability.

As you progress you can unlock new pilots that can grant you special rewards as you play. Each pilot has different abilities like giving you a box of stars each level; my favorite are the random abilities such as firing a laser beam or activating a random mega bomb explosion. None of this would work without the great soundtrack by Jacek Dojwa and Adam Skorupa who both bring a really great, upbeat sound to each level. The music feels like it was made for each level and never gets in the way during repeated playthroughs.

Sky Force Reloaded is a terrific purchase and a great Switch title as this game was literally made for on the go game play.