Teen Titans Live Action TV Show in the Works

We cannot say we are very surprised about this announcement. Superheroes are the big thing these days so, now cable television stations are trying to cash in on this. Variety reported that cable station TNT is near a deal to make a pilot episode of a new series called “Titans” – Teen Titans.

Sources are showing that the leader of the team will be ex Robin, Nightwing. Variety also named Starfire and Raven as potetial (If not likely) members of the team. Leading the charge of production of this potential series are co executive producers Akiva Goldman ( A Beautiful Mind, I am Legend, and the list goes on and on) and Mark Haimes (Men in Black II). Goldman is no stranger to Batman related projects. He was a big part in producing the movie Batman & Robin. Another source, The Wallstreet Journal , says Goldman and Haines will be writing the pilot together. 

If Teen Titans gets picked up, that could mean that DC could have up 7 different comic based shows on Television! One can only pray this show will be done in a great manner like its predacessors (Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, just to name a few)