Thor Issue 1 Review

Thor #1

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman & Frank Martin
Lettering: VC’s Joe Sabino


Its been the talk of the comic book world for some time, a woman wielding the Hammer of Thor?!  Yes indeed ladies and gentleman, in the long line of those who have wielded the mighty Mjolnir a Female takes the stand. But blah blah intro’s we all know about this change so lets get to the good stuff!

Once again our valiant god of thunder has fallen but that does not mean he’s down and out! During the Original Sins story line, the Nick Fury whispered something to the Thunderer and since then, he has been unable to wield his weapon.  Fast forward a bit and we can start our  story, the beginning of a Goddess.

Thor_1_Preview_3The comic starts off in Sealab 2000 in an underwater sub.  Oh no its not what we thought, its  dangerous OH NOOOO!  The Attack Sharks (I kid you not) are being swatted like flies! And….Frost giants in the ocean?  I’m guessing because ice is water they can breath under water?  I don’t know much about Joutenhime  physiology and it is comic book reality so…why not?  Water giants, and then the Accursed makes their appearance.  The elf and his minions are searching for something but what?! Meanwhile, back on the moon,  Thor is still suffering and the All father is no help!  When it comes to light that not even the all father can lift the hammer, his rage flares.  His anger turns on his wife and Freyja does not take his temper lightly. But as a strong lady  she takes  it with strength and then the scene fades…. A hand reaches for the Hammer of legend and a Goddess stands proud. But who could it be? 

Sorry folks but your princess is in another castle, after all this hubbub and we are still left with out answers and yet there are some hints.  Could it beThor_1_Young_Variant Lady Freyja? Maybe Lady Sif?  A new player all together?!  IS IT NOVEMBER YET?!  It feels as if we were given more questions than answers and I love that. It gives me some suspense and  Jason Aaron managed to do that flawlessly. But every story has its flaws. Odin, why are you still just a giant grumpy old man? After all this time! So bipolar, All Father get it together! But at the same time, that dynamic with Thor makes sense.  Just once will you be a supportive father?! No? Okay.

The visuals that Russell Dauterman and Frank Martin provided are fantastic!  The coloring, the lettering, and the emotions were captured flawlessly! One of my personal pet peeves is when the character is expressing an emotion but it isn’t visible in the characters face.  Which is why I love Lady Thor’s costume. Her mask puts so much mystery into her  and yet there is courage, bravery, and strength in  just her stance alone.  This warrior is going to be fierce!  I was not going into this with very low expectations and was completely blown away.

Overall Score: 10 !!!!