Witch Craft Works Mid Series Impressions

This series is beginning to be one of my favorites! From episode one I was hooked. The plot starts to thicken, but there is still a mystery afoot. There’s action, a little romance, and some delving into some of the characters surrounding the main protagonists. I will start by going over the episodes two thru six briefly and of course my thoughts on it. I will do my best to avoid any major spoilers if you haven’t checked out this interesting anime! If you want to know how my impression of episode one went, you can read my article here.


We meet some new characters in the episodes. We also delve more about the main protagonists, Ayaka Kagari and Honoka Takamiya. Firstly, we get to finally meet Ayaka’s mother, Kazane Kagari, the chairwoman of their school and head witch of the Workshop. From what I gathered throughout the episodes, Kazane seems to be a bit rough around the edges, but cares deeply about what she does, as well as her daughter and her mission. It has been hinted that she got on very well with Honoka’s mother, Komachi Takamiya, and I mean VERY well. Next, we meet Takamiya’s little sister Kasumi Takamiya and Komachi, again Honoka’s mother. Kasumi seems to have that “Big Brother” complex, by always spying on him, always breaking into his room, and tries to spend expansive amounts of time him. She idolizes him and is jealous whenever Kagari is with him, which cause Kagari to tease her bit, in the only way Kagari does. She too, was protecting Honoka in secret until that fateful day when Tanopop attacked Honoka in the first episode. Their mother, Komachi, is a very sweet-natured woman, but she seems to fall prey to apathy when she feels that she has done something wrong or put under pressure and she isn’t able to go on. Usually, when this happens Takamiya takes care of her and calls her into work. She also has a huge attraction to Kazane, Kagari’s mother. I really want to know more about Komachi, and her involvement with the witches. What she knows, and doesn’t know.


We also meet a few new nemesis, Chronoire Schwarz VI and Medusa. Also, there is something strange about the chemistry teacher, Mikage at the school they go to. Chronoire is a Tower which with the same goal as Medusa and her underlings group, but it seems there is more to her than meets the eye. She and Kazane seem to have some shared history and even hinting at how old they actually are. She has also had a run in with Ayaka and Honoka and gives a present to Honoka to use to bring out his potential, but also gives a vague warning. Medusa, on the other hand, seems to be very feared, as we see her locked up in a tank, and somehow giving orders out to her underlings. She escapes, to of course, to capture Takamiya and fulfill her mission. She ambushes Ayaka and Honoka, and Ayaka changes into a different and more powerful witch mode. During the fight Ayaka tries to keep Honoka away to prevent from them both being affected by Medusa’s power, which Ayaka does fall pray. Takamiya sees this and uses the “present” that Chronoire gave and unlocks a new power, which raises more questions, than answers. Medusa is defeated by this new power and kept away at the Workshop for unknown reasons. Mikage is a different story as he only seemed like a normal teacher, at the school, until he set-up both Kagari and Takamiya. He was able to get them alone due to the school’s President issue with Takamiya’s presence around their Princess. He speaks to Takamiya and Kagari about their issue and suddenly he throws a potion at Takamiya to be alone to tell Takamiya about what happened during the fight with Medusa, and more about his potential, until Kagari breaks him out. Those new characters are what makes this anime more interesting each time I watch it.


From episode two and on, we get to know a little more about the Tower Witches which is Medusa and her gang , Kagari the Work Shop Witches and their involvement with Takamiya. The plot to me is growing more, and more curious as we find out the reason why the Tower Witches want him so badly. Ayaka seems to want to make sure that Takamiya is to lead a peaceful life, but Takamiya feels differently, as the more they are attacked, the more he wants to find a way to help Ayaka, as well as his part in things. The action scenes in these episodes are awesome as always. More robotic looking rabbits, bears, and even a huge stone dragon. I wish to see what potential Takamiya will have since unlocking it. It seems he may be as powerful as Kagari or even greater. Some of the action scene were a little annoying as it seems that Tanopop and her gang don’t seem to get very far. I would say that in one of the episodes they were doing good up until Kasumi got involved when Kagari and Takamiya were separated. Kagari is pretty bad ass, but we find out that she is not invincible as she looks. She also has a great sense of humor even though you can not tell at times which makes it even funnier. Takamiya is discovering more and more about himself, and the going ons around him. I have a feeling he will be destined for something great but with a few bumps in the road as most protagonist do. I just wish he would listen to Kagari a little more, and hopefully when he does get powerful, he would be the one to save Kagari in turn.


At this point, I can tell you so far, it seems a little slow in some ways, and the damsel-in-distress scenes irk me a little, but I know it will get better! I am already starting to love the characters with each episode, and I love the seriousness in some of the action scenes. So, I would say this anime is worth the watch!