LumberJanes #13 Review

Written by Noelle Stevenson & Shannon Watters
Illustrated by Brooke Allen
Publisher: Boom!


Taking a quick pitstop on their excellent run, Lumberjanes issue #13 flashes back to our young ladies at the beginning of camp.  A lot of questions get answers this issue (like, where does Molly’s coon-skin cap come from), and a lot of questions get asked (like, what’s with those glowing waterfall eyes).  With the next story arc of Lumberjanes swinging through, it’s about time for some back-story on our ladies – and their back-stories are just as about as awesome as you might imagine.

I personally love the diversity of the Lumberjanes cast.  Not only do you see a variety of body shapes and sizes, of colors/ethnicities, and of personalities, but you get an array of gender identities LJ13 Aand sexual orientations.  The real world is a colorful, creative, unique place, and Lumberjanes represent that rainbow in the comic book world.  For all the people who wonder if (and occasionally complain about) diversely drawn comics characters can have appeal, Lumberjanes answers with a resounding, “Friendship to the max!”

Brooke Allen manages to take you back to the days of early 90s cartoon animation, while staying true to a unique illustrative style that fits so perfectly with Lumberjanes.  All her panels have movement and interesting body shapes, and she’s not afraid to take chances and go over the top with her body language.  As a result, Lumberjanes is really refreshing to look at.  Combined with Noelle Stevenson & Shannon Watters’ storytelling, Lumberjanes continues to be one of the most under-appreciated, but steadily improving titles from Boom! Studios in along time.  Aside from Lumberjanes, Stevenson and Watters have few titles under their belts, but I think a healthy YET should follow that statement.  Clearly, neither are scared of inserting comedy, and that’s getting to be more rare (in what was originally a COMIC art form).

For issue thirteen, though, Lumberjanes takes a step back into the histories of specific characters – the campers of cabin Roanoke (a story arc by itself).  Although this doesn’t contribute directly to the current story, it’s always nice to see where these ladies come from, and their families and homes are as diverse as they are – from single parents to multi-ethnic families and everything beyond and in between.  If you’ve been reading Lumberjanes, this is a great comedic issue that you’ll really enjoy – and if you’re considering picking up Lumberjanes, just go by the trade paperback.  Do yourself a favor, and sit down and read all of it, and then go buy the single issues (and sit where no one can hear you laugh…if you’re embarrassed by that kind of thing).

LJ13 C


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