Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters #2 Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters #2


Written by: Erik Burnham & Tom Waltz
Art by: Dan Schoening
Colours by: Luis Antonio Delgado
Published by: IDW Publishing


If ever there was book that brought with it a huge slice of goodwill and bonhomie, it would be this mash up between the Ghostbusters and, the equally awesome, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! We join issue 2 with the ‘busters mistaking the TMNT_GB_2_IntTurtles as enemies. From a rocky start between the two iconic teams, the varied characters align with their opposite numbers in a mix of abrasion and humor. The characters meld well amid the dramatic backdrop of an ancient demonic type enemy and the captive Casey Jones. Giving proceedings further drama is a perilous situation against the clock. Which all adds up to some dramatic threads as a backdrop to this unusual team up.

Given the range of ingredients in this book, it is a relief that Erik Burnham and Tim Waltz haven’t squandered their opportunity to bring us an entertaining tale. The representations of both teams feels true; given the broad appeal of such characters it isn’t too difficult for people to get it right, though any misstep with the characterization would have been detriment to the story. As it is, we can sit back and appreciate the wonderful characters on display here. The initial phase of the book has a good flow to it, as does the closing third, however, the mid section of this issue is a little ponderous, with a lot of effort spent on combining the elements of both teams rather than driving the story. When the story picks back up, the flow also returns.

In terms of the action in the book, it was handled well. The differing styles, Ninja’s or Ghostbusters, there are different dynamics at play. The Turtles are very kinetic, athletic and acrobatic, while the ‘busters tend on the static side of things. However, these differing elements work well on the page. The art of Dan Schoening is pretty on point, more so with the Turtles, who leap from the page. Dan has captured the essence of the Ghostbusters, though some of the human faces do look a little awkward.

If you want a fun and somewhat nostalgic tale, one with action, humour and a healthy dose of the ‘80’s, then this book is for you. Good entertainment from start to finish.

Overall Score: 7/10