Sheltered Issue 11 Review

Sheltered #11

Written by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Johnnie Christmas
Coloured by: Shari Chankhamma
Published by: Image Comics


Sheltered – a Pre-Apocalyptic tale… This is the story of before the world ends, where in the American back woods, a small community of survivalists prepare for the end of days. As you would, with copious amounts of guns and ammunition, large stocks of food and all the other accouterments necessary to survive the end of the world… Little realizing that their end did not come at the jaws of a blood thirsty zombies, the over zealous government, or even any standard threat from outside their community. The parents who prepared so well failed to consider that their end could come from within, from their own offspring. And so it goes to pass that the children shall inherit the EaSheltered#11Intrth, or in our case, Safe Haven.

This issue is a stark affair, following the tragic events in issue 10, we immediately delve into the aftermath of an accidental death and the repercussions that ensue. The setting is hauntingly effective, the stark encampment, the snow and trees, mixed with the night, lend the story a lovely horror feel. The melodrama that ensues, of a power struggle at Safe Haven, of a wife and her child reporting their husband/father missing – following an encounter at Safe Haven, all lead to drive up the tension and anticipation.

The issue is well written, care has been taken with the pacing and characters so that not only does the book read well but you also get a real feel for the characters. The bleak countryside is luscious and really lends itself well to the story. The use of backgrounds is employed to great effect for setting the scene, in the woods, at night, daytime, the camp or at the police station, each area is well illustrated. So too are the scenes of violence, there is an authentic air to proceedings when it comes to the more brutal side of human nature. As the book/series progresses you really feel that Brisson and Christmas are building up to quite a striking finale. If this issue is anything to go by, the following issues ought not to be missed.

Overall Score: 8/10

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