Comic Con Palm Springs

Comic Con Palm Springs Coming Back Even Stronger On Its 2nd Year

Comic conventions have been sprouting up all across the US these days. Some shows become instant hits while others struggle. In Comic Con Palm Springs’ case back in 2016, they introduced this event in a big way. With an incredibly strong guest list (Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, etc.), Comic Con Palm Springs provided an aspect of pop culture to over the 15,000 that attended in its inaugural year. Now going on its second year, this event is becoming even bigger with additional guests and activities for fans to experience.


Special Guests At Comic Con Palm Springs


Comic Con Palm Springs is a show that brings big guests in voice acting, cosplay, and comics. The show will be even bigger this year with the guests they have currently announced. Guests like the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Uncharted 4), Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time), and a whole lot more. The best part about what Comic Con Palm Springs is doing compared to other new conventions is their strong comic book creator lineup. Not only is comic book living legend Stan Lee returning, but other big hitters in the industry like Humberto Ramos (Spiderman, Champions), Skottie Young (A+X Babies, I Hate Fairyland), Rob Liefield (Deadpool), and one of my personal favorites, J. Scott Campbell (Gen 13, Danger girl, Cover Artist), will be at the show! 

There will be many events to check out at Palm Springs Comic Con this year! Lynda Carter will even be doing a concert at the show! There are other events such as the 25th anniversary of The Death of Superman and Batman: The Animated Series, as well as a zombie walk, and even a great escape. One of the best parts of attending Palm Springs Comic Con is the price. It is Incredibly reasonable and even the VIP package is worth it! Click here for pricing. For more information about this evolving event, go to the Comic Con Palm Springs website.