Cosplay Hidden Treasures Presents: Sparkle Pipsi

In this episode of Cosplay Hidden Treasures, The CFG interviewed the amazing Sparkle Pipsi! Sparkle Pipsi has been in the cosplay scene for a while and she is known for her excellent sewing skills. She has made several outfits from her favorite series (Sailor Moon) and is hooked on Idol like series such as The Idolm@ster and Love Live! Sparkle Pipsi’s craftmanship improves after every costume that she has made. For more of her great outfits and photogenic cosplays, you can check her out on:

Facebook: /Sparklepipsi

her website at



 Sparkle Pipsi and her friends made these crazy Starry cosplays from The IDOLm@ster.  Check out the video below!



[AFG_gallery id=’32’]


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