Crunchyroll Launches on Nintendo Switch

Crunchyroll is now on Nintendo Switch! This launch marks the anime streaming service as the first offline streaming application on the Switch. It also adds to Crunchyroll’s growing lineup of streaming devices, which includes PlayStation, Xbox, and much more.

Available to download as of Feb. 17, users can watch their favorite animes at home or even on the go through the app. The service includes offline viewing support, so customers can combine “the best of both living room and mobile experiences,” according to Crunchyroll. This awesome feature allows users to still benefit from the Switch’s portability while enjoying their shows.

Although Funimation was the first anime streaming service on Switch, Crunchyroll has a big advantage in allowing users to watch offline. The general ability to stream shows offline has been vastly limited so far, but Crunchyroll has put itself at the top of the market with this feature. Combined with the large anime fanbase and the number of adults who are often on the go, Crunchyroll will likely see an influx of customers searching to utilize this benefit. Plus, the app supports both free accounts and paid subscriptions, so any user level can utilize Crunchyroll’s access to thousands of shows.

Crunchyroll’s app also adapts to the Switch’s view flexibility, allowing users to watch shows on their TV, in tabletop mode, or in handheld mode. Epic Games’ famous Unreal Engine, which is known for supporting games such as Borderlands 3, powers the app, so users can hopefully expect a flawless experience.

Crunchyroll states the app was “created for the global anime community,” and it certainly caters to the anime fanbase.