Cyclops #1 Review

Cyclops #1 Review

Cyclops # 1

Marvel Comics 2014
Space Written by Greg Rucka
Space Art by Russell Dauterman
Space Colours by Chris Sotomayor


Mutants in SPACE!  For those of you keeping up with All New X-men (Or have read “Battle of the Atom”) then you are aware that Earth 616 has more than one Scott Summers! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about…well, take my word for it, its a complicated timey whimey wibbly wobbly plot that I’m not even sure the characters have any idea what is going on.

A young sixteen year old Scott Summer’s has come from the past with his team to try and…stop his future self?  Not really sure what they were thinking but, present day Beast thought it was a good idea. After much shenanigans and mishaps, Scott has found himself doubting his place on the team and with Jean  and so the not quite  fearless leader leaves the team for a little family bonding.

This particular issue is full of feelings and warm fuzzies which might be why I enjoyed it so much.  It was just a feel good little tale of a father and son learning to move past their awkward ways and be just that, a family.  You have to keep in mind at sixteen, Scott thinks his parents were killed in a plane accident when in actuality they were abducted by aliens.  So you can imagine his surprise when he finds out his father is not only alive but a Space pirate!

lfw4We start off with Scott having joined up with his father and his crew of Starjammers for some galactic adventures.  We first see the teen learning how to maneuver in a space suit out side the ship with the lovely space pirate and lover of  Corsair, Hepziba!  The two discover that with the help of new technology, Scott is capable of using his abilities to propel himself through out space.  He has taken a quick liking to most of the crew and interacts with them as he does his old team and companions.

Even when an Alien space ship arrives and threatens their lives, young Scott cannot help but stare in wonder and amazement at how easily his father takes control of the situation.  It really warms my heart to see Scott have such good things happen to him given that most everything he’s experienced thus far has been rather traumatic.

After Corsair invites his son along to take over the invading ship ,they make quick work of taking over.  Again, I couldn’t help but feel the fuzzies again when Corsair introduced his son and seemed so nonchalant about his mutant abilities.  Its nice to see considering a lot of mutant characters aren’t so accepted by their parents. Though I suppose that makes sense considering Old Man Summer’s is a renowned troublemaker dating a cat girl.  He’s seen things, whats it to him if his son can shoot lasers from his eyes? ipkw

In the end, the Love bird Starjammers Hep and Corsair have a meaningful conversation about him being afraid of not knowing how to be a good Father but decides to take the Alien space ship and his son for some family bonding. Scott of course eagerly joins him and off they go into the wild yonder!

“Hey, Scott, Tell you a Secret.” …” Everyone stinks at being sixteen”

I just can’t with these two.  Scott is afraid because he’s been failing so miserably and and Corsair is afraid of being a poor father. I can not wait to see this relationship grow and Scott finally having a true father he deserves.

I of course want to give it a 10 out of 10 but that would be a bias opinion. In truth I think most readers would find it rather boring.  Not much happened, mostly talking and Scott being a bit whiny.  Boo hoo Jean is being mean, nobody understands me! Present me is such a meany!  Not sure how long that will last but lets hope Daddy dearest teaches him to grow a bit of back bone.  The art is very pretty to look at. no awkward posing, has bright colors feeding the happy good times feel of the comic.  I really liked the inner monolingual mixed with the rest of the going story. Scott telling his story and feelings as the tale progresses really made it a very sentimental issue.  Looking forward to #2 and I hope you are as well!

Overall Score: 6.5 out 10

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