Original Sin #2

Original Sin #2

Original Sin #2
Marvel Comics 2014
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato
Colours by Frank Martin


Original-Sin-2Do we need a recap?  Here it goes; The Watcher, Uatu, is killed his eyes plucked out and Thor summons Cap, Nick Fury, Widow and Wolvie to the Moon and they start their investigation immediately and discover his armory, which has been raided.   Meanwhile, Spidey and the Thing battle a rampaging Mindless One who wasn’t so mindless as it turned out.  The now sentient mindless one couldn’t handle being this way and used the ultimate nullifier to kill itself and here we are.

While I appreciate Emma, Antman, and Black Panther teaming up because it’s a completely odd and fun team, I still do not get how they got where they are. Who is the mysterious benefactor that led them to a monster graveyard?  I wonder if the Black Panther is always this gruff and elusive when dealing with people or only with Emma considering who she is?  Still, this seems awfully convenient and not like it was figured out and what this place means is unknown and annoyingly so.   It’s gorgeously rendered but not enough back story of the place how they got there and why.

Original_Sin_2_Preview_2Meanwhile the Punisher and Dr. Strange are teamed up.  This one made more sense as Strange was able to take them to a different place and time and the Punisher is able to find the means of a creature’s death. This pairing works well though. I would really like to know how the mysterious stranger knew to send them on this chase.   Still, I love the visuals here and other dimension-iness of it  was portrayed extremely well. They find the Mindless ones and their users way too easily in issue two to boot so this isn’t what it appears to be and there is much more to the story than what we realize and what is happening on the page.   who is the creature that is beginning to look a lot like the Thing?  The plot thickens and things are getting interesting. I feel like we’re jumping around a lot without proper filling in. Could this be the curse of the big event already happening in issue two?   Does this mean I have to read the tie-ins to fully understand what’s going on?   While it’s still enjoyable I’m left a little flat by the pacing however the artwork is fantastic!

 Overall Score: 5.5 out of 10