Electronic Arts E3 2015 news and announcements roundup

EA kicked off their 2015 press conference with a teaser trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda for the next generation consoles. It’s slated for a Holiday 2016 release.

EA followed that with a Need for Speed trailer that features the series signature blend of live action and CGI imagery. Like it’s predecessor, this next gen console release will feature an expansive open world. The game is due out November 3rd.

Next up was the announcement of a new expansion pack for the Star Wars The Old Republic PC MMORPG, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Developed by Bioware, the expansion promises a Knights of the Old Republic style RPG elements where the players decisions impact the plot, which follows two young men that become powerful jedi warriors.

Following this was the announcement of a brand new IP, Unravel, which features a yarn based protagonist as it traverses through a gorgeous, organic 2D landscape. Developed by Coldwood Interactive, the game is described as an atmospheric puzzle adventure game.

Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare 2 was on display next, showcasing new character classes from past, present, and future times. Also shown was a four player co-op mode where players play as zombies fighting off more aggressive plants. EA promises plenty of free content update, a welcome change from their standard DLC policy. The two sides will face off in Spring 2016 on the next gen consoles and PC.

EA’s annual sports franchises NHL 2016, FIFA 2016, Madden 2016, and NBA Live 2016 were showcased in rapid succession. The highlights of this segment included the unveiling of a game face scanning app to put your likeness into NBA Live 2016 and a chat with legendary soccer player PelĂ©.

On the mobile gaming front, the collectible card game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was unveiled. This app will feature characters from the prequel to original trilogy. The much beloved Minions get their own game on display, Minions Paradise, a town building game set on a tropical island. Both will be released on IOS and Android.


Back to console gaming, EA dropped the first trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the origin story for the game’s heroine, Faith. EA boasts that there are no levels or loading, just one seamless world. It’s due out Feb 23rd, 2016 for the next gen platforms and PC.

Saving the most anticipated game for last, the Star Wars Battlefront III multiplayer presentation offered a sample of a live battle on Hoth between Rebel and Empire forces. The dynamic battle culminated with a light saber clash between Darth Vader and Luke, both of whom will be playable. This next generation battle commences on Nov 17th.

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