Fairy Tail January Recap

This new arc in Fairy Tail has gotten rather exciting and is moving along rather quickly. The Demons of Tartaros, released from the Book of Zeref, all have rather interesting unique designs and the fact their powers are

l012not magic based at all one ups the the God Slayer magic first introduced in the Tenrou Island arc. The Nine Demon Gates instead possess a power higher than magic called Curse, and each member has their own specialized versions.

The fan service in Chapter 365 is pretty heavy, even for Fairy Tail standards. Erza has always been a major sweet spot for fan service and the torture scene has all the conveniently placed objects that censor her naughty bits. The expressions of agony are very well captured in the panels not only in Erza’s face but in her body laguage as well. The pet electric tentacle frog monster that Kyouka owns, seems a bit much when coupled with the fact Erza is completely stripped bare and highly sensitive to pain.As usual Natsu always makes a showy entrance, all fired up and ready to inflict some retribution. Natsu exchanges a couple blows with Franmalth before Absolute Silver steps in to ice the fire dragonslayer. Natsu and Lisanna are captured and left nude in a jail cell in the enemy’s headquarters, both of them left incapable of using their magic due to the hand cuffs binding them.
I had an inclining of what the purpose of Jellal and Meredy confronting the newly released Oración Seis group, it seemed pretty obvious that a duo would really not be enough to make up an effective Crime Sorcière team. Meredy asks Jellal to help him against their opponents, but he declines her offer. Unfortunately, after appealing to the Oración Seis’ heart while keeping up with their blows, Jellal falls victim to a surprise attack.
There seems to be a lot of speculation concerning Silver, and how he is related to Gray since Natsu points out their scents are similar and Silver acknowledges Natsu. The debate seems to be split between whether if Silver is Gray’s father or Gray from the future. If he is indeed future Gray, people seem to think that the grave he visited could have be his parents or even Juvia’s grave. As for the possibility of him being the former, I’m not sure if Gray’s father is officially deceased from the attack from Deliora.
Elfman and Lisanna seem to always come up short on proving their worth. They were easily caught up and subdued by Sayla’s enchantment. I wonder what will become of the deal Elfman made with a demon? Will he actually go through with it or sacrifice himself in a last showmanship of “being a man?” By the way, Kyouka and Sayla are totally in lesbians with each other.