Fairy Tail July Recap

06¬†The chapter opens up with Gray fighting with Silver, also know as Absolute Zero, but not making much progress. Gray attempts to land a solid hit with an Ice Make sword he produces but to no avail. Silver shows off his higher classed ice magic, a devil slayer type. Much like how the dragon slayers can consume the elements they are associated with, devil slayer magic allows Silver to consume any ice magic Gray produces. What an unfortunate disadvantage. Silver continues to further aggravate Gray, to push him into retaliating with attacks that become consumable energy for Silver, to unleash a powerful attack. Silver really tries to put on his best troll face while messing with Gray. Gray catches a break though when Silver makes a mistake, and allows Gray an opening to use the Tartaros member’s magic against him.
Being able to actually do some minor damage seems to have no effect on Silver, who continues his physical and psychological assault. Gray decides to use the forbidden magic of Iced Shell, with the resolve of exchanging his life in return to seal Silver. As the people important to him, flash before his eyes, Gray has a change of heart and vows to live on for his comrades. Finding some shrapnel from the surrounding area he volleys it at Silver, who takes a direct and fatal hit to the thorax. I thought this was particularly clever on Gray’s part, and didn’t seem to over the top in defeating him. Gray confronts Silver about the truth of his situation, and finds out that Silver is in fact not Deloria.05
In his fight with Juvia, Keith spills the beans about some of Silver’s situation. Keith’s curse is the ability to reanimate dead bodies. I’m still rather amused that his name is Keith and not something more elaborate or scary for a necromancer. He also talks entirely way too much and divulges too much information. Using telepathy, Silver contacts Juvia and informs her that she must defeat Keith in order t stop him from controlling the undead chairman, who in turn can control all of the 300 Faces littering the country. Juvia knows the truth behind Silver’s past, and finds it too difficult to defeat Keith. The necromancer rips Juvia apart, as her comrades look on in disbelief. I found this part rather dumb, because it seems like everyone forgot about Juvia’s water body power. It seemed rather basic to me since Keith seems to be made out of dust, that Juvia could be absorbed into him.
Juvia defeats Keith rupturing him from the inside. Silver thanks Juvia and as he disappears from this life, Silver bestows upon a Gray his Ice Devil Slayer magic. A nice power-up for Gray, who is continually overshadowed by the likes of Natsu and Erza.